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Doona's Magic Crayons

Doona created these magical crayons from rice wax that can work on many surfaces; paper, glass, tile, metal, nom nom trees, etc. Because Doona believes great ideas can come from anyone anywhere, especially when they least expect them. The unique colors of these crayons are inspired by various natural things found within the forest along the outskirts of Woset. These magical crayons also come in a reusable box so you can store them away nicely when your imagination needs a rest.
  • For age 3 and up
  • Use under adult supervision
  • Keep away from the mouth to avoid accidental ingestion
  • Not erasable from surfaces such as chalkboards, rough or porous materials
  • Keep in a safe place out of the reach of children
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and below 120℉/50℃ to avoid distortion
  • The presence of excess oil is normal and does not affect product quality
  • When using on windows, take care to avoid soiling from condensation or damage to window furnishings
  • Leaving product on wired glass or double/triple-glazed glass for longer than one hour may cause thermal cracks
  • Dimensions: H95 x Ø15mm each
  • Weight: 16g each
  • Material: Rice wax, pigments (Crayon)