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All Sized Sketchbook

Woset is full of residents of all shapes and sizes. So, when it came to making a sketchbook that worked for everyone, we couldn't decide on the perfect size. Instead, we developed a few different sizes to fit everyone's different-sized ideas.; from Jonee's extra extra large to Juan's extra small. Of course, we used the highest quality paper with a perforated top for easy paper sharing. Bonnag's XL size and Jonee's XXL also include a hook at the top to hang your masterpiece on the walls of your and your friend's house.
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  • For age 3 and up
  • Handle with care to avoid paper cuts and sharp wires
  • Use under adult supervision
  • Keep in a safe place out of the reach of children


  • XS: H105 x W56 mm (excl. binding) (H91 x W55mm after tearing off)
  • M: A5/H210 x W148mm (excl. binding)
  • XL: H545 x W394mm (excl. binding)
  • XXL: H785 x W515mm (excl. binding)

Pages: Drawing paper (XS, M: 40 sheets / XL, XXL: 30sheets.)